Unplug from the digital. Game in the real.

About Us

Giving a home to all gamers.

<- This is Tim. Tim is our founder.  (The dog is Molly, Tim is the one with the beard) Tim loves Board Games, Card Games, Roleplaying games and Wargames so much he dreamed of running a store and social space for people to enjoy exactly those things.

So here we are, Dumpshock Games, Wiz, right? We are a customer centric store, everything we do is about you being able to have a good time, and enjoying the same passions Tim has. 

Tim’s moved around so much due to things out of his control that he doesn’t really have a place to call home. But he’s always at home when he’s gaming with people. And that’s our goal, make sure every gamer has a home like Tim has.