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The Journey to Bricks and Mortar


Tim is the founder of Dumpshock games. He loves beards, Star Wars, beards and sitting down at a table with a drink and great people to play games with.

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Hi everyone! This is uh, that awkward moment where I talk about my dreams and get kind of all soppy and ramble on.

But I’ll do my best to be concise. SO. Dumpshock games is very clearly a webstore. But it’s been my dream, for as long as I can remember, to run a social hangout space that catered to geeks and nerds and everyone who doesn’t quite fit in, and to stock it full of products, food and drink, and just let people be happy.

This journey is the first step, getting the webstore running is the first hurdle to achieving that dream. The next steps are to really grow the business, increasing stock and capacity, and then look for a brick and mortar premises to set up in!

Obviously there will be much more detail and steps to it all but.. that’s what this page is for! I’ll be updating you as the journey continues!
I’m incredibly excited for the future, and I’m so ready to make this dream a reality, and with your help, Hopefully make one of the premier locations for geeks, nerds and oddballs to hang out and have a great time.