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Army Painter Starter Set Box Split up

The Army Painter – Starter Paint Set


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The perfect Starter Paint set for any wargaming system. All the base colours you need for painting miniatures. In this set you will find 10 of the most needed colours – including one FREE Quickshade Wash that makes your miniatures come to life with a natural shading. The set even provides you with a brush to get you started!

• The Warpaints Starter Set is a fantastic way to start your collection of Warpaints.
• Get the exact amount you need with an ergonomically designed dropper bottle.
• Set includes one free Quickshade wash too, perfect for speed shading.

• 1 x Quickshade Wash
• 10 x 18ml Warpaints
• 1 x Painting Guide
• 1 x Starter Brush

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